Properly’s Cultural Norms

For most families, selling their home is stressful, takes months and costs a fortune. We started Properly because we believe there is a better way, and we’re now on a mission to transform an enormous industry that hasn’t evolved or innovated in far too long.

But Sheldon, Craig and I also started Properly because we want to build the type of company that we wish existed. The type of company that attracts the best and brightest people from diverse backgrounds and across multiple disciplines. The type of company in which people are empowered to be the best version of themselves. The type of company that people are proud to work with, and that other companies are eager to hire from.


We believe that the journey matters.

That is why we have started to define and cultivate the set of cultural norms that will influence how we at Properly act and make decisions. Importantly, this set of cultural norms is not set in stone. It is a living, breathing list that we fully expect will evolve over time.

This isn’t just window dressing. These are the specific behaviors and skills that we value most. They guide our hiring process, are at the core of our performance review system, and are referenced in team meetings when we make decisions.

If this sounds like the type of environment in which you’d thrive, please let us know. We’d love to work with you.

We put people first.

We care deeply about, and have tremendous respect for, our teammates, customers and partners. We derive empathy from our collective desire to listen and learn, and it’s what inspires us to create meaningful experiences for customers and fulfilling work for partners and teammates. We prioritize customer experience, and take pride in our customer-centricity. We act with integrity, and understand that trust takes years to build and seconds to break.

We compete as a team.

We measure success by our collective, not personal, achievement. We know that no task belongs to a person, but to a team. We believe that thoughtful collaboration and communication leads to better outcomes. We make our teammates better by finding ways to amplify their strengths and making time to help them build upon their weaknesses. We say the hard things, but do so gently. We nurture and embrace diversity because we believe it enables us to make better decisions. We seek to create an environment in which all teammates feel comfortable and capable of being the best version of themselves. We strive to work with new teammates who will raise our bar.

We are owners, and we act like it.

As owners, we make decisions with a long-term perspective. We are transparent with one another and know that effective decision-making requires context. We have a bias for action, but still sweat the details. We are not bystanders — when we see issues or opportunities, we act. We are scrappy and willing to crawl through the mud when necessary. We quietly do the little things, even if nobody else notices. We turn the lights off when we’re the last one to leave the office.

We have strong opinions, that are loosely held.

We put in the work required to have an opinion, but are open-minded in search of the best ideas. We are relentlessly curious, and always seek alternative perspectives. We learn through measured experimentation, and use data to inform our intuition. We listen and ask questions of each other and the data. We have pride of ownership, not authorship. We don’t let hierarchy bias decision-making.

We raise the bar.

We are never satisfied because our teammates, customers and partners will always deserve, and expect, more. We hold high standards today because they catalyze constant improvement. We are passionate about what we do and inspire others through our tenacious pursuit of excellence.

We dream big.

We believe that the future will be better because we can make it so. We challenge the status quo, and are always seeking better approaches. In the search for new ideas, we celebrate creativity and we encourage taking smart risks. We know that the path ahead won’t always be easy and foster the resilience to weather the ups and downs. We know that the company we will become looks very different than the company we are today.