Tips on refreshing your space for Spring

Tips on refreshing your space for Spring

The snow has begun to melt, and spring is in the air. This is the time of year that many homeowners begin home improvement projects or contemplate selling their house. Whether you are considering a move, looking to freshen up your home or add some vibrancy back into your space, here are a few key tips to add some WOW back into your home.

Front Foyer

Decorating and design is about scale and highlighting the elements of a home especially if you are looking to sell your house faster. Our first impression of a home is made within 10 seconds.  A bright and welcoming front foyer can set the tone for anyone who walks through your door. One way to inject some colour and interest is through an art piece or strategically placed mirror to reflect natural light into your space.

Flowers can also be a simple way to add a great focal point. Whether you are placing flowers in a glass or ceramic vase, ensure that the vase and flowers align with the room’s current décor. Choose one colour of flower or stand along greenery to create a simple and timeless arrangement.

Throw Pillows & Textures

Any space can be revitalized with throws and pillows. Throw pillows are a great way to bring your personality to a space. Adding a bright colour to offset neutral tones or muted textures and patterns such as a fur or chevron add luxury. When choosing a pattern or colour, ensure you are adding only one bold colour to avoid your space from quickly becoming dated.

Focus on an outdoor focal point

Capitalize on the natural elements of the outdoors. If you have a stunning mountain view or serene lakeside lot, draw on the natural beauty by ensuring your space does not compete or obstruct the view. Create an outdoor focal point, such as a garden bed, fountain or firepit that provides colour.   If you are in the market to sell your house, this outdoor zone extends the living space beyond the indoor square footage. Time to open those blinds, clean your windows and bring outdoor living inside!

Pop of Colour

From the front door to your living room, den or master retreat, an accent chair is a great way to freshen a space for spring. If your home is predominantly neutrals, an accent chair can inject colour and personality into a space without committing to a bold textile. Rich tones are on trend this season seen in velvet and suede materials.

Natural Materials

Natural materials, such as wood, brings life into any space. Wood tones can be mixed into any style of home: modern, transitional and traditional. Adding an organic outdoor element of reclaimed wood, refined wood, drift wood or greenery brings outdoor living indoors. These elements can be added through bar stools, towel racks, dining table or a bar tray. Combine outdoor elements, indoors this spring.

Spring into Spring

Decorating does not have to be costly.  Carefully choosing selective pieces, such as new throw pillows, an area rug or adding flowers can breathe new life into any room. Don’t forget to add your personality into the space when designing rooms that are functional to your lifestyle. Don’t overthink and remember simple is always best.

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