4 Tips To Write Outstanding MLS Listings

One of the first steps to take in selling your house is creating an MLS listing that will attract the right home buyers.

Writing a listing can be a tricky business. You want to highlight your home’s best features and give home buyers a reason to see it. But at the same time, you don’t want to come across as overly eager to sell. This could make your property seem too good to be true, which can turn off prospective buyers.

It’s also worth mentioning that a standout listing by itself isn’t enough to move your property from “for sale” to “sold.” However, having the right elements in your listing can build interest in your property to encourage showings and compete with other Toronto real estate listings.

Use the following tips to create a great MLS listing:

#1 – Hook Prospective Buyers Instantly

Good listing descriptions begin with strong hooks. The first few words in your listing work the hardest, so make sure you don’t cut corners if you want your listing to get the attention it deserves. It will determine whether or not the prospective buyer decides to learn more. Consider the following examples:

  • RARE FIND! Ranch style condo in a private location close to EVERYTHING!
  • A Complete Show Stopper!!! Stunning 4+1 Bdrm, 5 Bath Detached Home In A Beautiful Established Neighbourhood
  • Best valued FAMILY HOME in Chaparral Community

Once you successfully grab the attention of the home buyer, they would view the listing with a high degree of interest.

#2 – Promote Vision, Not Value

Everyone loves a good deal – whether you’re buying groceries, a car, or a home. However, overemphasizing value in your listing can come across as a negative.

Buyers may wonder why your home isn’t listed for a higher price. Or, they may feel that all the house has to offer is a good price and that quality, location, and other features fall by the wayside.

Forget about price – most people search for properties according to their budget. Instead, your listing should create a vision that places the potential buyer in the picture.

Talk about what makes your property special. Highlight the most attractive features of your home, including layout, location, and upgrades. Is there a view of the Toronto skyline from the master bedroom window? A sprawling backyard garden or other unique attributes? Is it walking distance to a top Toronto attraction? Do you have fresh paint, new carpets or new appliances?

You can capitalize these and other attractive features in your listings to get them to stand out. For example:

  • This beautiful 3 bed/2.5 bath has a breathtaking view of the TORONTO SKYLINE
  • The stylish living room comes with a gas FIREPLACE
  • The master bedroom has a WALK-IN closet and is ENSUITE

When your buyers can momentarily step into the role of a homeowner and know what it might be like to live there, you stand a better chance of bringing them in to see your home in person.

#3 – Be Honest about Your Home

You don’t have to divulge all your home’s problems in the listing, but you should stick with the facts. For example, if your master bedroom can’t fit a king size bed in it, don’t mention that it can.

It’s easy to go overboard on “selling” your home in the listing, but overembellishing will disappoint prospective buyers, often to the point that they may cross your home off their consideration list.

#4 – Include Professional Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. When potential home buyers are wading through listings, they’ll need more than a fancy headline to grab their attention.

Using photos in listings add depth and vision to your MLS listing – but the images you use matter. Hiring someone skilled in real estate photography can ensure your property’s best features are captured and presented in a favorable light. Photographers take into account aspects like lighting, home staging, and the right angles that most people can’t duplicate with a smartphone camera.

It might cost a little more to hire a professional vs. doing it yourself, but it will be worth the investment if it means selling your home quickly and at the right price.

Final Thoughts on What Makes a Good Listing

Remember that the listing is just the beginning. Homeowners also need to juggle home staging, showings, repairs, inspections, and eventually – the closing. However, without a good listing, your open houses/showings may receive few or no buyers.

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