7 Tips On Preparing for Home Showings or Open Houses

You’ve loved your home for years, and now you’re hoping that you’ll find a buyer that will treasure it as much as you have.

If you want to find the right home buyers in the Toronto real estate market, chances are you’ll host open houses along with individual showings. Both can be excellent strategies to get your home in front of potential home buyers, with or without the help of local Realtors.

However, a showing or an open house can be time-consuming, especially if you consider the preparations that go into them. To to maximize the time and effort you spend on prep, put the following tips into practice:

1. Declutter Your Home

Don’t let overcrowding cost you a sale! Removing items from rooms and closets can make your home feel larger to home buyers. The golden rule is to reduce your belongings by half.

Start with items you no longer want and host a yard sale. If that doesn’t eliminate enough clutter, move other items into a storage unit. As an added bonus, moving these items now means less to move when your home sells!

2 – Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can go a long way in setting the right expectations for prospective buyers. You want your home to be half-sold before the buyer ever steps foot inside.

Adding a few nice touches to the outside doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some basic improvements include:

  • Changing the mailbox
  • Painting the trim
  • Adding flowers or potted plants
  • Painting the front door
  • Changing the light fixtures
  • Replacing the house numbers
  • Cleaning the rain gutters
  • Pressure washing the walkway or driveway

Even checking a few of these off the list can make your home’s exterior instantly more appealing.

3 – Make Appropriate Repairs or Renovations

Minor repairs and renovations can make a big impression on the right buyer. Buyers want to feel like the home has been well taken care of. Things like broken light fixtures, holes in the wall, or faulty appliances can turn off prospective buyers, or at least lower their offer.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on repairs. Fresh paint, new floors, and new appliances are usually enough to make your home look well cared for. Also, anything that’s not functioning, such as a light, doorknob, or lock, should be taken care of.

4 – Give the Home a Deep Cleaning

After you decluttered the rooms and complete any painting or construction, you’ll be better able to spot dirty areas that need a good cleaning. Steam clean your carpets, dust, remove cobwebs from corners, and clean your windows.

Also, pay attention to the little details like kitchen cabinet facings, tops of doorways, shower-heads, and faucets. A clean home gives the appearance of a well-maintained house, which can give buyers confidence when they come to view your property.

5 – Depersonalize Each Room

Taking out personal elements can be tough for homeowners, especially if you’re still living in your home while trying to sell it. But doing so allows prospective buyers to better envision themselves living in your home.

Take down family photos, trophies and awards, posters, artwork, or other personal elements and move them into storage. The more neutral you can make each room, the more appealing it will be to the buyer.

6 – Get a Second Opinion

After you get your home ready for market, ask a friend or family member to do a walkthrough and give you a second opinion on your work. They may catch issues that escaped you, giving you more insight into what buyers will find when they arrive at the showing.

The goal is to uncover any surprises that could affect your chances of a sale. With this feedback, you should be able to answer the question “Am I really ready to sell my house in Toronto?” with confidence.

7 – Hire a Realtor to Manage Showings and Open Houses

Home sellers don’t have to do all the work themselves. You can hire a real estate agent that will take care of your MLS listing, reaching out to prospective buyers, scheduling the showing, and other related tasks.

For some homeowners, the cost of a Realtor is worth it. They have less hassle to deal with and can access the agent’s expertise and guidance throughout the selling process.

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