Calgary Real Estate Why Properly is the future of home selling in Calgary

Why Properly is the future of home selling in Calgary

Selling your home is a waiting game. Unfortunately, this game is expensive to play, stressful, and plagued by uncertainty. The real estate market in Canada is slowing – according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, “transactions declined in more than half of local markets” in 2018. In Calgary, there has been a significant decline in …

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Properly Properly Internship Reflections

Properly Internship Reflections

Written by Lilian Chen When I told my friends and family that I was interning at a startup focused on the real estate industry for my summer between the first and second year of my MBA program, I received a lot of surprised reactions. “Are you interested in real estate?” These reactions were not unexpected, …

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Properly Properly’s Cultural Norms

Properly’s Cultural Norms

For most families, selling their home is stressful, takes months and costs a fortune. We started Properly because we believe there is a better way, and we’re now on a mission to transform an enormous industry that hasn’t evolved or innovated in far too long. But Sheldon, Craig and I also started Properly because we want to build the …

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